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21 December 2010
Sanofi-aventis Acquires from Ascendis Pharma Worldwide Rights on Drug-Delivery Technology in Diabetes and Related Disorders

21 December 2010
Halving Energy Losses with New Semiconductor Materials for the Benefit of Renewables, Telecommunications and Lighting Systems

16 December 2010
Ascendis Pharma initiates Phase 2 clinical study of ACP-001, a once-weekly human growth hormone product

November 2010
Ultrakompakte Gaschromatographen, robust, einfach zu bedienen, für verschiedenste Trennaufgaben konfigurierbar und mit niedrigem Energie- und Gasverbrauch, eignen sich fast überall für die Zustands- und Prozessüberwachung

28 October 2010
4 A/600V SiGaN Schottky by microGaN and Diotec

October 2010
ERdrill - neue, revolutionäre Vorschub-Technologie an pneumatischen Bohr- und Schlitteneinheiten

24 August 2010
Novaled launches market report ‘The OLED Lighting User’s Manual’

15 June 2010
Blood-borne microRNA signatures as specific biomarkers for melanoma

20 May 2010
Novaled demonstrates long lifetime and high efficiency white top emitting OLEDs

29 April 2010
Novaled demonstrates reliable OLEDs on metal substrates

15 March 2010
Webinair: Disease specific microRNA profiles in blood

17 February 2010
febit Launches New Instrument for Targeted NextGen Sequencing with High Sample Throughput at AGBT Conference

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